Check Indian Railway PNR Status Online Or From SMS

Are you still awaiting your Indian Railways PNR Ticket to obtain confirmed? Then why wait use our Current PNR Status service that informs the exact status of the Ticket Reservation. Whether confirmed or on Waiting List it offers the present position of the ticket reserved on Indian Railways website or through IRCTC Online Ticketing Reservation System. Current PNR status of the Indian Railways or IRCTC Railway ticket booking could be checked online instantly and simply! What exactly you need to do is , you need to simply enter your 10-numbers PNR ( Passenger Title Record ) Number ( You'll find your PNR Number at the very top left corner from the indian railway ticket ) allocated for you within the box below and merely Click the Get PNR Status button below. You'll be delivered to Indian Railways website where you'll find your present PNR Status.

Enter your 10 digits PNR number

To check Indian Railways seat availability / train schedule just follow links mentioned below:

One new feature by Indian Railways enables it people to determine the Current PNR status of the ticket reservation in couple of different ways. You will get your present PNR Status via SMS or regular phone. With SMS service, you're going to get an answer from Indian Railways with your reservation particulars and standing including chair number and coach number as well as become familiar with your present position in Waiting List. Please Be Aware SMS isn't a free service supplied by the Indian Railways, Standard Charges as relevant by mobile operator is going to be billed.

To Understand Your Reservation Status via SMS perform the following :

SMS your : PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 54959. For Instance PNR 3248765678 sms to 54959.

SMS your : PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 139

SMS your : PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 5676747

SMS your : PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 57886

Or Call : Dial 139 for Current PNR Status Enquiry,  Arrival/Departure agendas of trains, Tariff & Costs of Railway tickets, Accommodation & Accessibility to Seats within the train.

Railways Minister Nitish Kumar introduced the tatkal ticket plan for people who wish to book their tickets for his or her travel journey eventually ahead of time. Searching in the hurry within the Railway stations throughout India it might be nearly impossible to find a confirmed ticket in almost any train. The majority of the occasions tickets can be found just for RAC or there's an enormous Waiting List ( WL ) on every train. So, to assist people prepared to travel in emergency and obtain a good opportunity to book their tickets even eventually ahead of time this Tatkal Plan was released in which the Tatkal Booking begins eventually ahead of time excluding your day of journey ( date of chart preparation ) e.g. if you wish to choose a journey on 3rd, ticket booking window will open at 10 am on second. Click the link to understand much more about tatkal plan.

Now, Indian Railways also enables Advance Booking/Reservation as much as 3 months prior from the travel date. So, If you are planning your trip ahead of time and book your indian railway tickets early then there's an optimum chance that you will get a confirmed chair around the train. Suppose if you don't obtain a confirmed chair, you're going to get either RAC or WL status in your railway ticket.

What's RAC?

RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation, also it only implies that your berth isn't reserved, however it assures you that you'll atleast have sitting accommodation within the reserved train and sophistication you have selected. There's an opportunity that the ticket is going to be transformed into confirmed berth if tickets are cancelled in last second cancellations i.e. nearer to your way date. RAC ticket holders have the authority to board and go into the train and become sitting within the Two Side Chairs. Or no berth opens up because of any cancellation, the other RAC holder is going to be allocated a confirmed berth, and yet another RAC ticket holder could possibly get his two side chairs converted to a berth.

Travelers holding a WL Ticket : What's Waiting List?

WL or Waiting List ticket people aren't guaranteed any chair or perhaps sitting accommodation on their own WL ticket. Additionally they hold no to board the train. They're allocated a ticket when chart is produced only when confirmed or RAC ticket holders cancel their reservation. No. of WL tickets to become alloted are based on greater railway government bodies, and when the max. no. of WL tickets happen to be arrived at, the ticketing platform rejects anymore demands to reserve a ticket and responds with REGRET status. Tickets with REGRET status can't be reserved or offered.

How RAC/WL tickets seem like?

They're going to have two amounts - WL88/W95 or WL89/RAC90 etc. The first no. shows the first ticket status when you reserved check in, and also the second no. shows your present pnr status. So, WL44/W25 only denotes that first you reserved the railway ticket you had been on wait list 44, and today your present WL status is 25 meaning 19 tickets happen to be cancelled.

If you wish to look at your present position within the WL or RAC just go into the 10-numbers PNR Number on the left top corner from the Indian Railways ticket. Look at your PNR Status instantly at Railways PNR Status or even the official website of Indian Railways.